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Welcome to Hovland Real Estate.

Hovland family partnerships have been active in construction, development, brokerage and management of commercial, industrial and multifamily real estate since 1969 in Southwest Florida.

Hovland Real Estate, formed in 1991, has developed 70 commercial and industrial buildings totalling 1,250,000 sq ft Collier and South Lee Counties. Identifying sites, planning site lay-outs and unit sizes, setting rent rates and overseeing construction are all part of our role as developers.

Pre-leasing spaces while projects are in the planning and construction phase and leasing upon completion of construction is the backbone of our business. Since formation in 1991, we have rented warehouses, showrooms, stores, restaurants, and offices to thousands of businesses and have many repeat customers. We have a very high-level of occupancy which is achieved by our straight forward leasing practices with rates and terms that are fair to both the Tenants and Landlords.

In 2014 Morgan Property Management was formed as a subsidiary of Hovland Real Estate. Robert Morgan heads up the company with a team that handles every aspect of the business including on site and tenant relations work, rent collection and accounting, emergency management as well as compliance and safety issues. Robert Morgan has been in the property management business for over 25 years locally. Presently Morgan Property Management manages 360 units.

Between these two organizations we handle every aspect of the commercial real estate business from the ground up. We are pleased to meet new property owners, buyers, sellers, and tenants to help them achieve their goals. Please allow us the opportunity to work for you.

Recent Developments

28280 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs

808 Wiggin's Pass Road, Naples, Florida

16000 - 16010 Old 41 Road, Naples, Florida

27975 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs, Florida

In addition to the projects above, Hovland has several rental and purchase opportunities.
Please let us know exactly what you seek and we will quickly locate all the options available to you.